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According to the United States Census
Bureau, the city has a total area of 31.2 km²
(12.1 mi²). 9.5 km² (3.7 mi²) of it is land and
21.8 km² (8.4 mi²) of it (69.65%) is water.


There is no record of the first European
settler, but it is known that ships were
encountering one another in the harbor in the
1600s. Eastport was incorporated as a town
in 1798. From 1807 to 1809 the town was a
center of extensive two-way smuggling
during the 1807-1809 embargo the U.S.
imposed upon itself. Lubec, on the mainland,
split off to be a separate town in 1811. The
city was captured by a British fleet under the
command of Sir Thomas Hardy on July 11,
1814 as part of the War of 1812, and
returned to the United States control in 1818.
The boundary between the U.S. and Canada
in the area was still disputed at the time, and
finally settled by the Webster-Ashburton
Treaty in 1842. In 1893 Eastport
reincorporated as a city.
The population grew with the emergence of
the sardine fishery and related canning
businesses, which studded the shoreline by
the end of the nineteenth century. As the
industry declined, many people moved away.
The city went bankrupt in 1937. In 1976, the
Groundhog Day Gale destroyed many
structures on the waterfront.

There is an international ferry crossing to
Deer Island during the summer months.
Eastport's 4th of July is a destination for
thousands of celebrants. Navy ships have
docked there during the 4th of July
celebration for many years. The city
celebrated its bicentennial in 1998. In 2001,
Eastport was the setting of the reality TV
show Murder in Small Town X, where it was
referred to as "Sunrise."
Photo by James Lowe
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