Cemetery Project
Most of the history of Eastport is buried in the East side of
Cemetery, including British soldiers that were stationed at
Fort Sullivan during the War of 1812. A very large percentage
of the headstones were covered with moss and age to the
where the inscriptions were unreadable. In 2007, James Lowe,
then Worshipful Master of Eastern Lodge #7 wanted the
lodge to
do something for the community and thought that cleaning of
headstones in the old part of the cemetery would be a
project. He recruited other members of the lodge, Rocky
Howard Johnson and others,including his wife Carolyn.

This huge undertaking was started in the summer of 2007
and is continuing this year.  Armed with brushes, bleach and
washers, working weekends and evenings, these dedicated
members have cleaned almost the entire East section, which
consists of hundreds of stones.As you drive through Hillside
you can see the
huge difference, the old white stones that were black and
covered  with moss, now gleam in the sun and the
inscriptions can be easily read.

We, the members of the Border Historical Society, the
residents of Eastport, and genealogists from everywhere wish
to thank Jim Lowe and all the others that helped to make our
cemetery one the city can be very proud of.